Traffic Impact

The traffic generation of a Lidl foodstore is minimal compared to a mainstream food retailer. Our proposals have been assessed within a Transport Assessment produced by Motion aimed at establishing the effect of the proposed development on the surrounding road network.

The proposed Norbiton store is located with good access to local public transport services, as the site is within 5 minutes walk of Norbiton Station and in close proximity to the A308. A number of bus services route along the A308, providing links towards Kingston, Richmond, Fulham and Wimbledon. The A308 is currently being upgraded as part of Go Cycle Kingston scheme, which seeks to provide dedicated cycle routes alongside the A308 between Kingston and Kingston Vale. Within 15 minutes walk of the site, Kingston station and large residential areas of Kingston and Norbiton can be accessed.

The Go Cycle Kingston Scheme includes alterations to the Manorgate roundabout which will improve access to the store by cycle.

The proposed foodstore includes 67 car parking spaces, in line with relevant car parking standards as set by the Major of London which will ensure there is enough parking on site to meet demands of the proposal. Parking provision will include blue badge bays for disabled users, parent and child bays and bays for electric vehicles.

Cycle parking will be provided for both staff and customers fully in accordance with the Mayors standards.

The highways assessment to be submitted with the application predicts traffic flow based on comparable Lidl stores located within London in similar locations with the same level of accessibility to public transport.

Only a small percentage of vehicle trips will be new to the network. Most customers visiting the site will be using Lidl as an alternative to an alternative food store nearby, such as the nearby Asda. Whilst these vehicles will be new to Manorgate Road, they will already be on the wider surrounding road network.

In summary, the 67 space car park will adequately accommodate the parking demand for the site with predicted minimal impact on the surrounding highway network.

Public Transport Routes

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Lidl Norbiton – Public Transport Routes

Pedestrian Travel Times

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Lidl Norbiton – Pedestrian Travel Times


In line with London Plan there will be 38 cycle parking spaces. Both short term and long term spaces, the majority of which will be covered and in a well monitored location for use by staff and customers

Cycle Network Routes

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Lidl Norbiton – Cycle Network Routes