Site Access and Layout

Site Access and Layout

A two storey building is proposed. Comprising of a 1,827 Lidl food store. The proposed development will benefit from 67 car parking bays including disabled and parent and child spaces for Lidl. The Lidl building will be located to the South edge of the site. The sales area is designed to be at first floor with level access car parking for customers.

Entrances are to be designed to offer maximum active frontages. The main vechicular access will remain the same off Manorgate Road.

Planning Policy

The Development Plan comprises of the London Plan (March 2016) and Kingston-upon-Thames Core Strategy (2012).

In land use policy terms Core Strategy Policy DM17 seeks to protect all employment premises to meet business needs and provide employment, but can permit alternative land uses which provide employment (including retail), particularly where there will be no net loss in employment. The existing site provides employment for approximately 25 people, whereas the Lidl store will create approximately 40 new jobs, resulting in a net increase of around 15 additional jobs.

In retail planning terms, the site is considered as ‘edge of centre’, being located with 300m of the Kingston Hill / Park Road local centre and Coombe Road local centre. It has been agreed with the LPA that a Sequential Assessment will need to accompany the planning application for the Lidl store, and that this should also cover the availability of sites within Kingston town centre. Work undertaken by both Lidl and Walsingham Planning indicate that no sites are suitable, available or viable to meet Lidl’s’ requirements. In terms of retail impact, the size of the Lidl store is below the national threshold for impact assessments, and the LPA has confirmed that there is no requirement for the applicant to carry out an Impact Assessment for the proposal.

Depending upon the outcome of the Sequential Assessment and confirmation of employment numbers, it is considered that the proposals are acceptable in terms of their land use principles. Issues in relation to transport and sustainability, residential amenity, heritage and design are all subject of more detailed planning policies which are not covered in this D & A, but which can be discussed with the DRP.

Heritage Considerations

The application site comprises three buildings 4, 4a and 4b Manorgate Road. 4 and 4a Manorgate Road were built in the 1970s and 4b appears to have been constructed in the 1950s. The existing buildings are two storey utilitarian structures of yellow and brown brick with metal Crittall windows. They served a former light industrial purpose but are now vacant. None of these buildings are listed, locally or statutorily, but they are within the setting of Park Road Conservation Area, which is a designated heritage asset for the purposes of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) 2018.

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Lidl Norbiton – Heritage Considerations

The proposals are for the demolition of the existing buildings on the site and their replacement with a new building of multi-coloured brick of two storeys. To break up the bulk and mass of the building apertures have been included to the front and rear elevations. These have been designed to reflect the proportions of windows on the surrounding 19th century buildings, responding to the local context. The industrial character of the application site has informed the building design, and therefore decorative features such as quoins, stringcourses etc. found within the residential roads have not been included on the proposed design as it would be out of keeping with the character of the site.

Effect on the Park Road Conservation Area

The design of the new building has referenced the former industrial use of the site and the traditional materials predominant within the conservation area. More modern details and materials have been included to the front elevation of the building, demonstrating it as part of the later development of the area. The bulk, mass and scale of the building have been considered in relation to the size of the plot and is of a similar height to other buildings within the locale.

The Surrounding Context – Existing Street Elevations

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Lidl Norbiton – The Surrounding Context – Existing Street Elevations